Natali Kravits

I’m a Product Designer with 15+ years of experience
in consumer tech startups.

For the last 10 years, I have focused on being a design co-founder, building and transforming companies.

In early-stage startups, I work as a hands-on design partner, from zero to one product design, fundraising, strategy, finding the right product market fit and branding.

For enterprises and big startups, I usually join an existing team as an expert who leads or co-leads a project.
Scale-ups - I join your team to save time, with no need to hire or train an in-house design team. I specialize in scaling and optimizing digital products faster across platforms.



Clicktale [ acquired by Contentsquare]

Product Analytics Platform 

I worked with ClickTale to redefine their new mobile service and deliver a refined brand identity for enterprise products.
Clicktale is a pioneer in end-to-end experience analytics, optimizing usability and all-in-one experience platform

Business Intelligence, SaaS


Dynamic Yield

AI-Powered Personalization

DY Learning Center, an umbrella project for the community, knowledge base and academy apps.  Merging 3 different platforms in one and simplifying the experience for everyone, new customers and experts.  My role was to redesign the system for a new product.


Jacada [ acquired by Uniphore↗]

Autonomous customer experience platform

Leading global provider of call technology. The Designer (intelligent virtual assistant)
makes it intuitive to compose business logic into composable and reusable flows, which simplify the management and automation of workflows across the entire enterprise

Intelligent automation, Conversational automation 




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